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What is a radius gauge used for?

What is a radius gauge used for?

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The Engineer Radius gauges are primarily engineers’ tools used ‘in-process’ and for ‘final inspection’, when working with materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

However, this can extend to anyone who needs to know precise radii. Hobbyists and fabricators often use radius gauges for part fitting.

“In process” radius gauge use

Measuring and laying out a radius on wood “In process” refers to gauge use during a creative process.

This includes scribing radii on workpieces in a pattern or as a cutting guideline.

It can also refer to when the gauge is used as a reference to plane or machine down moulds (dies) to a desired radius.

“Final inspection” radius gauge use

Buffing a wooden work piece to get a specific radius Final inspection refers to gauge use for checking that a finished radius meets the required dimensions.

Designs are often ground or buffed to meet the required specification, as identified by how well the gauge fits against the object with no visible gap in-between the two surfaces.

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