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What radius gauge blade sizes are available?

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Radius gauges available in different sizes Radius gauges vary not only size but also in cut out designs. The differing layout is necessary to incorporate the varying size concave and convex curves.
Radius gauge set Radius gauge sets allow you to measure between a set range in metric (mm) or imperial (fractional inch).
Measurement refers to internal and external radius on multi-function blades Multi-function blades have a centrally inscribed measurement. This refers to both the internal (concave) and external (convex) radius.
Identifying what the size on a multi-function radius blade refers to Likewise, single function blades have a centrally inscribed measurement. However, this refers to the single radius at the end of the blade. EIther concave or convex depending on the blade.
Metric radius gauge Common metric gauges provide measuring ranges from: (0.75 – 5 millimetres) 18 blades with 0.25 millimetre increments. Or (5.5 – 13 millimetres) 16 blades with 0.5 millimetre increments
Imperial units given in fractional inch Common imperial gauges provide a measurement range from: 17/62 – 33/64 inches, 16 blades with 1/64 inch increments. Or 1/32 – 1/4 Inches, 15 blades with 1/64 inch increments.
Radius gauge blade set Individual blades can be bought as part of an assorted range. Blade assortments can contain around 25 pieces. 1/64 -17/64 inches  in 1/64 increments with 9/32 -1/2 inch by 1/32 increments. Or 0.5 -13mm in 0.5 mm increments. Assortments such as this often come with a gauge holder.
Radius gauge with two measurements Individual blades usually come with one set size, where all cut-outs around the edges of the blade refer to one measurement. However, some individual blades contain cut-outs with different measurements. It is important to check the inscribed measurements for this reason.
Guitar Neck Radius Gauge Guitar radius gauges measure the curvature of a guitar fretboard. The radii of guitar strings varies ranging from 7.25 inches (184.1mm) -16 inches (406mm). The size of a guitar fretboard varies according to the manufacturer.

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