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What are radius gauges used to measure?

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Radius gauges are used to measure existing radii as part of pattern making, precision machining, layout creation and part inspection.


They are used on a vast range of objects including hinges, buckets, tools, taps and dies. 



  Measuring wood with a radius gauge  

Radius gauges are used in woodworking, particularly in relation to layout and pattern-making applications.


An acrylic radius gauge can be used to check the radius of wood that has been turned on a lathe or after rounding edges.


The use of a radius gauge is often important to make sure parts fit together correctly. 


After machining to check for imperfections

  Measuring an external metal radius with a radius gauge  

Radius gauges can be used to check that a radius has a regular curvature and does not contain any imperfections.


Imperfections such as a bumpy surface or offcuts of metal debris left from machining may indicate that the radius needs further work to match the desired shape. 


Layout and guideline work 

  Scribing with a radius gauge  

Radius gauges can also be used to draw specific radius measurements on to workpieces so they can be accurately cut out or machined to the desired curve.


Inspection of tool and die cast moulds

  Die casts  

Radius gauges can be used to make sure that die casts (metal moulds) are set up with the correct radius measurement.


If they are not set up correctly, the resulting product may not have precisely rounded edges or have the same structural strength. 


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