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Are there any alternatives to using radius gauges?

Are there any alternatives to radius gauges?

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Radius Gauge Radius gauge sets or blades are ideal for small scale radius measurements. They are the best suited tools for the visual test method.

 A quick reminder: The visual test method requires a bright light source behind the object being measured. This allows any gap between the radius gauge and the objects surface to be extra apparent!

Range of radius gauges The common measuring ranges as covered by radius gauge sets are: Metric 0,75mm – 25mm and Imperial 1/32 inch – 63/64 inch

What if you need take large scale radius measurements?

Large radius on bent sheet metal Only in heavy industry when fabricating or roll bending metals (with a roll bending or plate roll machine) are larger versions of radius gauges used.

Large radius gauge

Large Radius Gauge A pantographic gauge (hinged folding arm framework) can be used to check larger scale radius profiles of sheet metal. Applications such as handrails, spiral staircases, aircraft parts, boat railings and awnings are examples of objects often inspected during manufacturing with this larger type of gauge.

Laser radius gauge

Radius laser There is also a computer-operated laser measuring radius gauge. These gauges offer the highest level of precision, but they are only used in complex manufacturing procedures.

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