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How to choose a pipe cutter?

How to choose a pipe cutter

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Single handed pipe cutter Single-handed pipe cutters are preferable when working in small spaces or for single DIY jobs, as each cutter only fits one pipe size and they tend to be cheaper than the larger adjustable cutters.
Ratchet pipe cutter The ratchet pipe cutter or single handed pipe cutter with a ratchet handle is useful if working in hard to reach areas as the handle gives the tool extra length.

It’s also useful in areas where the pipe cutter might have a tendency to fall off the pipe.

Adjustable pipe cutter Adjustable pipe cutters are preferable if you need to use a pipe cutter often and on a number of different sized pipes.

Being made from cast aluminium means that it will have a longer life than a plastic coated cutter and is therefore preferable for long term use.

Adjustable pipe cutter on stainless steel An adjustable pipe cutter will be needed if cutting steel or iron pipes. Either a heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter or a pipe cutter designed to cut steel is most suitable.
Heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter The heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter is the best for cutting iron pipes as it allows for extra cutting wheels and extra pressure to be exerted, this is needed as iron is a strong material. You should not use the same tool for cutting both steel and iron pipes as the blade will dull if cut on both materials.
Power pipe cutter The powered pipe cutter is the most useful when using for long periods as the cutter requires little effort from the user.

However, the tool does have the disadvantage of becoming dull very quickly, this is due to it doing many rotations per cut, and it is prone to water damage.

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