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What is a ratchet pipe cutter?

What is a ratchet pipe cutter?

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Ratchet pipe cutter A ratchet pipe cutter is essentially a single-handed pipe cutter with a ratchet handle permanently attached. However, it is semi-automatic meaning it is not made for one particular size and needs to be adjusted before use.
Single handed pipe cutter and ratchet pipe cutter Using a ratchet pipe cutter can be useful in awkward areas. It is more secure than a single-handed pipe cutter with a ratchet handle attached as the cutting head is encased on both sides. This means it cannot move within the handle and it does not have a risk of falling out.


Ratchet pipe cutter sizes; 3-13mm, 6-23mm & 8-29mm The ratchet pipe cutter comes in three sizes which fit a three ranges of pipe sizes.

It is available in:

3mm (0.1″) – 13mm (0.5″)

6mm (0.2″) – 23mm (0.9″)

8mm (0.3″) – 29mm (1.14″)

Which materials will it cut?

Ratchet pipe cutter used on copper pipe The ratchet pipe cutter will cut soft materials such as copper, brass, aluminium and PVC. It should not be used to cut steel as it’s not strong enough and being used on steel would dull the blade, making it less effective on other materials.

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