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What are the parts of a single-handed pipe cutter?

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   Parts of a single handed pipe cutter;rollers, frameowrk, gate, main body and wheel

Main body of pipe cutter

Main body of a single handed pipe cutter The main body of a single-handed pipe cutter protects the inner cutting wheel and is ridged on all models so it’s easy to grip.

Pipe cutter rollers

Parts of a single handed pipe cutter; rollers The rollers are two round wheels which the pipe rests upon. As the cutter is rotated, they spin around the surface of the pipe.

Pipe cutter wheel

Single handed pipe cutter wheel The wheel of the single-handed pipe cutter sits within the inner circle and it is this that cuts the pipe. It is on a spring so that it can keep constant pressure on the pipe during cutting, without adjustment.

Framework of pipe cutter

Parts of a single handed pipe cutter; framework The framework holds all the parts together within the outer casing.

Pipe cutter gate

Single handed pipe cutter gate Some single-handed pipe cutters are equipped with a gate. The gate is connected after the pipe has been inserted and completes the circle. This makes sure that in very awkward positions, such as under floor boards, the cutter will not fall off whilst in use.