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Pipe Cutter Care and Maintenance

Pipe cutter maintenance and care

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Water running off a pipe cutter Pipe cutters are made from corrosion-resistant materials so they will not rust, however, to ensure a long life it is best that they are stored inside.
Pipe cutter with crack It is important to be careful with single-handed pipe cutters that have a plastic casing as, if damaged, they will no longer protect the steel body inside and will be open to corrosion.
To keep your pipe cutter working at its best, occasionally disassemble the pipe cutter and clean away any residues and other dirt (this only applies to the single-handed pipe cutters where dirt can be collected whilst cutting).
Wonkee Donkee says For instructions on how to take apart a single-handed pipe cutter see How to replace a pipe cutter wheel

How to identify a good quality tool

Recommended If buying the tool online always buy from a reputable manufacturer, as they will have a relevant product knowledge and sometimes guarantees which can prove their trust in the product’s quality.
Threading on the pipe from poor pipe cutter If the tool is poor quality, the pipe cutter will spiral on the pipe when cutting instead of making a neat incision. Badly designed cutting wheels can also bend or fracture if they are too hard or too soft.

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