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What are the different types of pipe cutter?

What are the different types of pipe cutter?

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Single-handed pipe cutter

single handed pipe cutter The single-handed pipe cutter is a small hand-powered cutter in the shape of a wheel. It is used with one hand when working in small or awkward areas that are hard to reach, such as behind a toilet.

Ratchet pipe cutter

Ratchet pipe cutter The ratchet pipe cutter has a head like a single-handed pipe cutter with a ratchet handle permanently attached. However, unlike the single-handed pipe cutter, the ratchet pipe cutter allows for slight adjustment to the pipe size. The ratchet pipe cutter does not need to do a 360° circle of the pipe to create a cut so it’s useful in very small or tight areas where there are a number of pipes close together.

Adjustable pipe cutter

Adjustable pipe cutter The adjustable pipe cutter has a screw handle to fit whatever sized pipe you are using. When turned, it moves the cutting wheel backwards or forwards to accommodate the size of pipe being used. The adjustable pipe cutter is useful if you cut pipes often as it can cater for numerous sizes and so saves buying several tools.

Power pipe cutter

Power pipe cutter The power pipe cutter has a small battery-powered motor which, when a button is pressed, propels the wheel around cutting the pipe. It is useful if you often use a pipe cutter as it cuts pipes quickly and effortlessly.

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