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How to replace the wheels on a pipe cutter?

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How to replace a wheel part 1

Step 1 – Remove screws

Remove all four screws from the tool – three on the main body and one on the gate (if your cutter has a gate).

How to replace a wheel step 2

Step 2 – Remove body

Pull the metal body out of the plastic casing.

How to replace a wheel step 3

Step 3 – Pull out the wheel

Carefully remove the pin in the centre of the wheel. Just remove it from the wheel not the entire metal body, and then pull out the wheel.

replacement pipe cutter wheel

Step 4 – Insert new wheel

Insert the new wheel into position and push the pin back through the wheel hole.

Single handed pipe cutter

Step 5 – Re-assemble tool

Place the body back inside the plastic casing and screw the tool back together.