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How do you use a ratchet pipe cutter?

How to use a ratchet pipe cutter

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Water running off a pipe

Step 1 – Turn water off

If working on an existing pipe structure, make sure the water is turned off before you begin.

Using a ratchet pipe cutter

Step 2 – Adjust wheel

Place the cutter around the pipe and adjust the wheel so that it rests against the pipe.

Using a ratchet pipe cutter

Step 3 – Turn the cutter

Turn the cutter to make the cut, ensuring the wheel stays in the same line on the pipe.

Using a ratchet pipe cutter

Step 4 – Move backwards and forwards

When using a ratchet pipe cutter, a full 360° turn does not need to be made. Instead a backwards and forwards motion of around 90° is made. 

Pipe deburring tool

Step 5 – Deburr

Once the cut has been made, remove the cutter and use a deburring tool to smooth the edges if needed.

   Wonkee Donkee says; Cuts of soft metal only take a couple of minutes to complete.

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