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What is an adjustable pipe cutter?

What is an adjustable pipe cutter?

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Adjustable pipe cutter The adjustable pipe cutter has a large round handle that, when turned, moves the wheel back and forth. This means that it can cater to a number of different sized pipes.
adjustable pipe cutter When using the adjustable pipe cutter the tool has to be tightened every couple of turns on the pipe to keep the cut going.
Heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter There is a heavy duty version of the adjustable pipe cutter available, used only for cutting strong steel and iron piping. On the heavy duty version, the two rollers can be replaced with extra cutting wheels, which helps cut the pipe when a full turn cannot be completed.

The rollers are unscrewed from the sides and taken out for extra cutting wheels to be screwed in their place.

Two handled heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter The heavy duty pipe cutters have a longer handle to give extra pressure on the cut. Also, some heavy duty models can have a second handle attached to the other end of the cutter, which makes two-person leverage possible.


adjustable pipe cutter cutting copper The adjustable pipe cutters come in varying sizes which each have a different range they can hold. The smallest adjustable pipe cutter available has a capacity of 3mm (0.1″) – 16mm (0.6″). The largest adjustable pipe cutter available has a capacity of 25mm (0.9″) – 82mm (3.2″).

The heavy duty adjustable pipe cutter can hold a pipe diameter of up to 50mm (2″)

Which materials will it cut?

Adjustable pipe cutter Adjustable pipe cutters are available to cut different types of materials. The majority cut soft metals such as copper, brass and aluminium, however the wheels can be changed to hardened wheels to allow it to cut steel as well.
Adjustable pipe cutter for steel There is an adjustable pipe cutter specially designed for cutting steel and these have longer adjustment handles to allow the tool to be tightened further. Also, the heavy duty pipe cutter is designed for cutting steel and iron pipes.

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