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What are the parts of a ratchet pipe cutter?

What are the parts of a ratchet pipe cutter?

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Parts of a ratchet pipe cutter; handle, wheel, wheel adjustment & semi automatic head

Ratchet pipe cutter wheel

Ratchet pipe cutter wheel The wheel sits within the centre of the cutter and it is this that cuts the pipe.

Semi-automatic ratchet pipe cutter head

Semi automatic head The head of a ratchet pipe cutter has the same structure as a semi-automatic single-handed pipe cutter, with a centre ring for the pipe to be slotted into.

Ratchet pipe cutter wheel adjustment

Wheel adjustment The ratchet pipe cutter is semi-automatic meaning it has to be adjusted when the pipe is inserted to the correct size. This is done by turning the adjustment handle on the cutter head.

Handle of a ratchet pipe cutter

Ratchet pipe cutter handle The handle allows easy cutting in awkward places. It is made from lightweight fibreglass.
Wonkee Donkee says' Fibreglass is a polymer made of plastic and reinforced by small fibres of glass. It is lightweight, strong and easily moulded into shapes.

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