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What is a manual sander?

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Wonkee Donkee's guide to manual sanders A manual sander is an abrasive hand tool, used to wear down rough or uneven surfaces.
Sandpaper is attached to the sander A sheet of sandpaper – a heavy paper coated with grit – is attached to the base of the tool.
Manual sanders are used to sand down or remove materials Its purpose is to smooth down rough and uneven surfaces or remove unwanted coatings from materials.
Manual sanders can be used on wood, metal, plasterboard, etc. It can be used on a wide variety of materials, such as wood; man-made boards including MDF, chipboard and plywood; metal; plastic; plasterboard; and many more.
Manual sanders are used by both DIYers and tradespeople A manual sander is commonly used by both DIYers and tradespeople, such as plasterers and decorators. It is designed to make holding the sandpaper easier, to ensure that a surface is being sanded flat and uniformly, and to save possible injury to the user’s hand. These qualities mean it an essential tool for many people.
There are two types of manual sander to choose from Manual sanders can be separated into two types: hand sanders and pole sanders.