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What are the parts of a hand sander?

What are the parts of a hand sander?

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     What are the parts of a hand sander?
Hand sander parts A hand sander is often very simple in design. All models are similar in appearance, and consist of a base, a handle and two clamps. Below is some more information on each individual part.


A manual sander has a wide flat base The base can also be referred to as the sanding surface or sanding pad. It is made from foam and has a flat, wide surface which is covered with sandpaper when in use.
A large base can cover a greater area with less effort The size of its surface eases the task of sanding by allowing the user to cover a greater area with less effort.


A manual sander has two clamps to hold the sandpaper A hand sander has two clamps, one either side of the sander head.
The clamps keep the sandpaper in place when in use The clamps work together by holding the sanding sheet or sandpaper in place on the base when the tool is in use.
Type of clamp can vary on each model The type of clamp that a hand sander may have can vary. Most models commonly have a winged nut and bolt design, whereby the nut is tightened to keep the sandpaper in place. However, models which hold the sandpaper in place using clips or fabric hook and loop fasteners (including Velcro®) are also available. On some models, the handle is used to clamp the sandpaper.


A hand sander has a small rounded handle A hand sander generally has an arched handle for the user to grip on to.
The handle is the part that the user holds This type of handle is usually ergonomically designed, in order to reduce user fatigue and discomfort when sanding for long periods of time.
A hand sander can have  a vacuum handle as an addition feature Some hand sanders are designed with a vacuum handle which can be attached to a hose for dust extraction. The hose is connected to a vacuum machine, which sucks up any loose particles when switched on.

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