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What is a hand sander with dust extraction?

What is a hand sander with dust extraction?

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Dust extraction enables dust particles to be collected Some hand sanders are designed with a dust extraction feature, which allows the sander to be connected to a flexible hose.

The hose is connected to a household vacuum cleaner, which enables dust and other small, loose particles to be collected when switched on.

A hand sander can have  a vacuum handle as an addition feature Many hand sanders with this feature are designed with a vacuum handle to which the hose is attached.
Some sanders connect to a vacuum hose at the base On other types, the hose is connected to the base of the sander, which might be preferable to many users because the hose is kept out of the way.
Hand sander with block handle and dust extraction Hand sanders with dust extraction are available with handles of various shapes. Many models with have an arched handle, similarly to a regular hand sander.

However, a block handle is another common shape. It is designed with a block handle because its large surface provides a comfortable grip which prevents the hands from getting blisters.

Special vacuum sanding sheet Special sanding sheets made of mesh are commonly used with dust extraction sanders. The sheets have holes in them to allow the dust to be sucked through.

However, standard-type sandpaper that is pre-shaped and formed with a series of holes to allow the dust to pass through is also available.

Vacuum sanders are ideal for sanding drywall Sanders with this feature are specially made for use with plaster and filler (for example, on walls) because sanding these surfaces creates lots of dust which can be disruptive and hazardous for the user. It is also messy, as the dust particles can get everywhere, leaving the user with the hassle of cleaning up after the job is done.
A vacuum sander prevents the build up of dust when sanding The vacuum feature is therefore ideal, as it sucks up the particles during the sanding process, keeping the area clean.
Information on how to use a hand sander with dust extraction For information on how to use this type of sander, see How to use a hand sander with dust extraction.

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