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How to use a pole sander?

How to use a pole sander?

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How to use a pole sander? To use a pole sander, simply follow these quick and easy steps:
Sandpaper needs to be attached to the pole sander head

Step 1 – Position sandpaper

Before you begin the sanding process, you will need to attach the sandpaper or pre-cut sanding sheet to the tool. You may find this easier if you remove the handle first. Begin by positioning the sandpaper so that it is covering the surface area of the sander head.

 Donkee says 'Make sure the sandpaper is the right size for your sander'
Insert the sandpaper beneath the holders and fasten clamps

Step 2 – Clamp sandpaper

Use the clamps at either end of the sander head to hold the sandpaper in place. Do this by inserting the ends of the sandpaper underneath the holders, and then tightening the clamps down so that the sandpaper is secure.

Grip the handle tightly when in use

Step 3 – Grip handle

Grip the sander’s handle firmly.

Push the sander forwards and backwards in a continuous motion

Step 4 – Sand

Push the sander in a forwards and backwards motion to sand down the material.

Keep sanding until all unwanted material is removed Keep sanding until you have removed all unwanted material.

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