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What are manual sanders made of?

What are manual sanders made of?

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What are manual sander made of? Manual sanders can be made from many different materials, depending on the individual make and model.
Some common materials used to make manual sanders Here are some of the most common materials found in the manufacturing of manual sanders, along with the benefits each material can provide.

Sander head

Aluminium is often used for the sander head


Aluminium is often used for the sander head. It is a metal which is widely used in the production of tools due to its high corrosion-resistant and durable qualities.

Sander heads can be made from aluminium Sander heads made from aluminium are recommended for pole sanders, rather than sander heads made from plastic. This is because the aluminium is stronger and heavier than the plastic, meaning the head is less likely to flip over when sanding walls and ceilings.
Plastic can be made to make the sander head


Plastic is another material commonly used for the sander head because it is lightweight and wear-resistant, which is ideal for many manual tools.

A sander head can be made from plastic The manufacture of plastic is less costly, meaning a sander made from plastic may be cheaper to buy than other models.


Foam is often used for the sander's base


A hand sander’s base is usually made from foam, a lightweight, spongy material made with trapped pockets of air.

Foam is often used as it has a level surface area which can also conform to different shapes whilst sanding.


A sander's handle may be made from bi-material


A manual sander’s handle is commonly made from bi-material, a component made up of two different materials – usually rubber and plastic.

Hand sander with a bi-material handle A bi-material handle gives the user a comfortable and cushioned grip when sanding materials. It is also designed to prevent the handle from slipping out of the user’s grasp.
Manual sander handles can be made from wood


Some manual sanders have a handle that is made out of wood. Wood is used because it is lightweight, a factor which is essential when sanding as the user does not want to be manoeuvring a heavy tool.

Wooden handles are available Wood is preferred by some users because of its traditional look and feel.


Clamps are often made from aluminium


The clamps on most manual sanders are made out of aluminium. Clamps need to be strong and durable, as they are constantly being used to hold the sandpaper in place. Aluminium is an ideal material because it is unlikely to break, and relatively lightweight.

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