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What are the different types of manual sander?

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Various types of manual sanders There are two different types of manual sander available – a hand sander and a pole sander.

Hand sander

A hand sander is one type of manual sander A hand sander is a hand-held tool used to sand down rough materials and uneven surfaces, such as walls, floors, and other large, flat areas.
Hand sanders have an ergonomically designed handle Its body consists of an ergonomically designed handle attached to a sander head, a pair of clamps and a base which supports the sandpaper.

Pole sander

A pole sander is a type of manual sander A pole sander is similar to a hand sander in many ways, apart from its handle. Instead of a rounded handle it has a long pole for the user to grip on to, in order for the sander to reach difficult places.
A pole sander is used for walls, ceilings and floors A pole sander is often used on walls, ceilings and floors, as its design means it can quicken the task of sanding down large areas.