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What is a hand sander?

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A hand sander is one type of manual sander A hand sander is a hand-held tool used to sand down rough materials and uneven surfaces.
Hand sander is easier than using sand paper alone The aim of the tool is to speed up the sanding process when working on large areas. It also prevents possible injury to the user’s hands and fingers, in addition to reducing¬†the fatigue of manual sanding, compared with using sandpaper alone.
A hand sander prevent discomfort of the hand and wrist A hand sander is designed with an ergonomically structured handle. Sanding can cause aching to the hands and wrists after a while, and so the rounded handle is designed to prevent this sort of discomfort during long jobs.
Hand sanders make sanding much quicker Using a hand sander is also much quicker than just using sandpaper. This is due to the fact that the large, flat surface of the hand sander applies even pressure over the area being worked upon, allowing the user to cover a greater area in less time.