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How does a manual sander work?

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A manual sander works by wearing down uneven materials A manual sander works by wearing down rough or uneven materials through the process of abrading.
Sanding sheets are attached to the base A piece of pre-cut sandpaper is attached to the base of the sander. This is done by clamping its edges within the holders on either end.
The sander is moved back and forth to smooth down the surface area The sander is then moved back and forth in a continuous motion, along the surface area that needs to be sanded down.
Abrasive particles of the sandpaper wear down surface The abrasive grit particles on the sandpaper cut into the surface and remove any unwanted or uneven material.
The result of sanding is a smooth and clean surface area Once the material has been sanded, the user should be left with a clean, smooth surface area.