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How to use a hand sander with dust extraction?

How to use a hand sander with dust extraction

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A vacuum sander prevents the build up of dust when sanding To use a hand sander with dust extraction, simply follow the steps below.
Connect vacuum handle to a vacuum cleaner

Step 1 – Connect parts

Before you begin sanding, you must connect the hand sander to the hose on the vacuum cleaner.

 Donkee says 'Gaffa tape may come in handy when connecting a hose to your sander'
Turn the vacuum cleaner on

Step 2 – Turn on

Switch the vacuum cleaner on to begin the suction.

Begin sanding with your vacuum hand sander

Step 3 – Begin sanding

Move the sander in a forwards and backwards motion, as you would with a regular hand sander. The vacuum cleaner will suck up any loose particles as you work, leaving you with a dust-free surface.

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