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What is flexible magnetic tape?

What is flexible magnetic tape?

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Red flexible magnetic tape Flexible magnetic tape consists of a long, thin strip of magnetised rubber. Flexible magnetic tape can come with or without adhesive on one of its faces to allow it to attach to both ferromagnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.
Flexible magnetic tape 76.2mm wide and a flexible magnetic sheet Flexible magnetic tape is very similar to a flexible magnetic sheet, the only difference is that the tape is narrower. A flexible magnet is considered to be flexible magnetic tape if it has a width of less than 76.2mm (3″).
Flexible magnetic tape on a piece of fabric being attached to a metal frame Flexible magnetic tape can be used to attach fabric to a metal frame for display purposes, labelling, to make shower door seals, or to temporarily attach seasonal decorations to a metal wall.
Magnetic strips - cut flexible magnetic tape When a section of magnetic tape has been cut, it is known as a magnetic strip.
Wonkee Donkee says "The largest ball of magnetic tape ever made weighed 570kg (1256.6lbs) and if it was unrolled could reach from London to New York!"

Flexible magnetic tape dispensers

Flexible magnetic tape dispenser Magnetic tape dispensers are available for magnetic tape which is 12.7mm (0.5″) wide, and allow you to cut the tape to any desired length.

A magnetic tape dispenser is particularly useful for arts and crafts where you only require a small piece at any given time, for example if you are creating a fridge magnet with a photograph.

Using a flexible magnetic tape dispenser To use, pull the flexible magnetic tape out until you have reached the desired length, then pull the magnetic tape onto the teeth at the edge of the tape dispenser to cut it.

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