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What flexible warehouse magnet sizes are available?

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Flexible warehouse magnet The sizes of flexible warehouse magnet refer to the minimum and maximum sizes of the flexible magnetic sheet when it is in a roll format, and not when it has been pre-cut into magnetic labels.


Lengths of flexible warehouse magnets The length of a flexible warehouse magnet refers to the length of magnet on the roll. The length of the roll can range from 500mm (19.7″) to 10m (393.7″). This allows you to cut the flexible warehouse magnet to the length you need.


Widths of flexible warehouse magnet The width of a flexible warehouse magnet is the distance between its two widest points. It ranges from 9.5mm (0.37″) to 80mm (3.15″).
Large width flexible warehouse magnet The width you choose will depend on the amount of information you need to include. If you need to include a large amount of information, then you will need to use a wider flexible warehouse magnet.


Depth of warehouse magnet The depth of a flexible warehouse is the distance between the top of the ‘C’ section and the magnetic face. The depth can range from 3mm (0.12″) to 7.9mm (0.3″). A flexible warehouse magnet with a large depth is used for when card is used instead of paper in the label.
Flexible warehouse magnet To summarise, when purchasing a flexible warehouse magnet, the key thing to look out for is the width, as this affects the size of label the flexible warehouse magnet can hold. If you need a large amount of information on the label, then any flexible warehouse magnet with a width of over 41.9mm (1.65″) should be adequate.

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