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How to use a flexible warehouse magnet?

How to use a flexible warehouse magnet?

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To use a flexible warehouse magnet you will need to follow these steps:
Long strip of flexible warehouse magnet

Step 1 – Measure and cut magnet

If your flexible warehouse magnet comes in a roll, then you will need to measure out the length of magnet you need to use. When you have the correct length, use a pair of scissors to cut through the flexible warehouse magnet, paper and plastic.

Pieces of card for inside a flexible warehouse magnet

Step 2 – Write on card

To turn the flexible warehouse magnet into a label, pull the paper and plastic cover out of the magnet. Next, write on the card in either pen or pencil and place it back into the magnet with the plastic cover on top.

Using a flexible warehouse magnet

Step 3 – Attach magnet

Place the flexible warehouse magnet over the ferromagnetic material you wish to attach it to until it is a few millimetres away from the surface. Slowly release the magnet onto the ferromagnetic surface until it is held securely.

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