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How does a flexible magnet work?

How does a flexible magnet work?

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Flexible magnetic label car sign on a car A flexible magnet works by attaching itself to ferromagnetic materials with the help of its magnetic field.

For more information on how a magnet works, see page How does a magnet work?

Attaching a piece of cut flexible magnetic tape with no adhesive to a metal pillar The flexibility of these magnets means that they can bend to suit different-shaped materials, which no other variety of magnet can do. For example, they can attach themselves to a round pillar or a flat shelf.
Magnetic pull force of a flexible magnetic sheet The pull force of a flexible magnet attracts the ferromagnetic material to the magnet, holding it in place. The larger the pull force of the flexible magnet, the more material it can attract.

A magnet’s pull force is determined by a number of different factors; for example, how the magnet has been coated and any damage which may have occurred to the surface of the magnet.

For more details, see the Things to consider section which begins with the page What are the different types of magnet? and ends with the page How is the strength of a magnet tested?

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