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What are the parts of a flexible warehouse magnet?

What are the parts of a flexible warehouse magnet?

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Parts of a flexible warehouse magnet: paper, plastic cover and magnet


C profile flexible warehouse magnet The magnet itself is moulded into a ‘C’ shape during the manufacturing process and so provides two lips for a piece of paper and a plastic cover to be slotted through, allowing the magnet to be used as a replaceable label.

For more information on this, see How are flexible magnets manufactured?

Multi-pole magnetic mounting pad - three north poles and three south poles Only the bottom face of the magnet, the one without lips to hold the paper and card, is magnetised and this in the form of a multi-pole magnet.

Multi-pole magnets are magnetised in a striped pattern of alternating north and south poles e.g. north, south, north, south.

Using a flexible warehouse magnet A flexible warehouse magnet needs a multi-pole magnetisation due to the barrier the plastic covering and paper create, preventing the magnetic field from escaping through the top of the magnet. This means that it needs to have both magnetic poles on one face to allow it to attach to ferromagnetic surfaces.

Plastic cover on flexible warehouse magnet

Cloud raining A plastic cover is available with the flexible warehouse magnet to make the label waterproof.
Plastic covers The plastic cover is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC is resistant to moisture and humidity enabling it to protect the paper from any water damage which could affect the writing on the label.
Flexible PVC PVC is a type of plastic with added plasticisers; these are an additive which provide plastics with an increased flexibility. In this case phthalate esters are added to the PVC to allow the plastic to move with the flexible warehouse magnet without cracking.

Flexible warehouse magnet paper

Paper thickness 0.79mm A flexible warehouse magnet can hold pieces of paper up to 0.79mm (0.31″) thick.
Writing on the paper used in a flexible warehouse magnet The paper is used as the label inside the flexible warehouse magnet which can be written upon with a pen or pencil and changed an infinite number of times.

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