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What is a flexible magnet used for?

What is a flexible magnet used for?

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There are many ways to use a flexible magnet. To illustrate their applicability, here are a few examples:

Fridge magnets

Flexible magnetic sheet cut into puzzle pieces on a fridge Flexible magnetic sheets can be made into colourful fridge magnets. Flexible magnets are particularly suited to this role as they can be cut into any shape (for example, a puzzle shape as a game for children).


Flexible magnetic label car sign on a car Flexible magnets are used to create signs for a variety of different applications, most commonly, car magnets, where they can be used for mobile advertising.
Flexible magnetic sheet being used as a sign Other examples of flexible magnets being used in this way are trade show panels and replaceable signs in airports.

Warehouse labels

Three flexible warehouse magnets labelling products on shelves Flexible warehouse magnets are used for signs which can be easily changed and replaced due to a high stock turnover.
Removing paper from a flexible warehouse magnet The very nature of a flexible warehouse magnet aids in this role as it can be peeled off and reattached onto any ferromagnetic material, such as a steel shelf, an infinite number of times. Most also have a replaceable piece of card which can be easily written upon and replaced when they are no longer needed.

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