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What is a flexible magnet?

What is a flexible magnet?

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Flexible magnetic sheet A flexible magnet is a permanent magnet that is made of ferrite magnet powder and rubber. A permanent magnet is that which emits a magnetic field without the need for any electricity.

For more information, see Magnets Glossary.

Flexible magnetic tape in a large role with a 25mm radius The added rubber allows the flexible magnet to be coiled into a small radius, for example 6.35mm (0.25″). A flexible magnet can do this without causing any damage to itself, for example it will not crack or break easily.
Three flexible warehouse magnets labelling products on shelves The flexibility of these magnets makes them very versatile, allowing them to be used to make car signs, hold a fridge door closed or help organise stock in a warehouse.

For information on how a flexible magnet works, see the page: How does a flexible magnet work?

Types of flexible magnet: flexible magnetic sheet, flexible magnetic tape, and flexible warehouse magnets There are three forms of flexible magnet: tape, warehouse and sheet. For more information, see the page: What are the different types of flexible magnet?

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