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What is a flexible magnetic sheet?

What is a flexible magnetic sheet?

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Flexible magnetic labels/sheet Flexible magnetic sheet is a wide piece of magnetised rubber which has been rolled very thinly. It can come with or without adhesive on one of its faces to allow it to stick to both ferromagnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.
Flexible magnetic tape 76.2mm wide and a flexible magnetic sheet Flexible magnetic sheet is very similar to flexible magnetic tape, the only difference is that flexible magnetic sheet is wider. A flexible magnet is considered to be a sheet if it has a width of greater than 76.2mm (3″).
Magnetic planning board with labelled flexible magnetic sheet The laminate on the top of a flexible magnetic sheet can be written on with marker pens and used as a label. This is useful for production planning boards where information is constantly being moved around.

For more information on the laminates, see page What are the parts of a flexible magnetic sheet?

Flexible magnetic sheet cut into puzzle pieces on a fridge The most common use for flexible magnetic sheet is as a fridge magnet. This is because it can be cut into any size or shape, making it very versatile (e.g. it can be cut into the shape of a puzzle, for children to play with).
Magnetic learner driver car sign on a car Flexible magnetic sheets can be used for any form of advertising that needs to be placed on a ferromagnetic material, such as a replaceable bill board or car sign. One of the most popular uses for flexible magnetic sheet is as an L-plate on a learner driver’s car.
Hypodermic medical needle Hospitals also use flexible magnetic sheets to hold onto small instruments and needles in operating theatres. The magnetic sheet has enough strength to hold onto these small items, which ensures they do not become contaminated by rolling onto the floor.

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