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What is a wall scraper used for?

What is a wall scraper used for?

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peeling or flaking wall covering such as artex Scraping is an effective way of removing old wall covering and flaking paint from the surface of walls.
Using a scraper to remove varnish A wall scraper is a useful tool for preparing a wall for new wallpaper.

Scraping a wall will ensure that it is as smooth as possible, as you can remove any other unwanted material such as glue or varnish.

Wonkee Donkee says Before applying new wallpaper, make sure that you have scraped off all the old paper. Otherwise, the moisture from the wallpaper adhesive will soak into the old paper causing any new wallpaper to fall off.
Textured ceiling such as popcorn, artex or stucco A wall scraper (or floor scraper) can also be used to get rid of Stucco and Artex type ceilings (see How to get rid of a textured ceiling).

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