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What scraper handle lengths are available?

What scraper handle lengths are available?

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handle length The length of your scraper handle depends on what kind of scraper it is, and what job you are using it for.

Long handles

long handled scraper Floor scrapers tend to have longer handles, although wall scrapers with longer handles are also available. Long handles are most useful for removing material from hard-to-reach areas.Long handles range in length from approximately 760mm (30″) to 1380mm (54″)
telescopic handled scraper Some scrapers have auto-locking telescopic handles.These scrapers allow the user to extend the length of the handle and adapt the tool for a particular purpose.

Short handles

short-handled scraper Wall scrapers usually have shorter handles.Shorter handles are useful for tackling easy to reach areas
short handled scraper They also allow the user more control than long-handled scrapers. However, the user must exert more effort when using a short handled scraper. As they are lighter, scrapers with short handles are not as powerful as long-handled scrapers.

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