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What is a floor scraper used for?

What is a floor scraper used for?

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Removing unwanted material such as adhesive, paint, carpet and other floor covering from a floor using a floor scraper Before laying new flooring, it is important to remove any unwanted material, such as carpet glue or paint from the floor surface, as these can make it uneven.

Scraping the floor ensures that it is smooth and clear, ready for resurfacing.

Using a scraper to scrape the floor clean. Scraping a floor is also a good way of getting rid of any stubborn dirt or grease in industrial or commercial environments.
Rolled carpets or carpet underlay Another common use for a floor scraper is to remove old underlay or carpet which has been glued directly to the wooden or concrete subfloor.
WONKEE DONKEE says: "The subfloor is made up of plywood sheets or 1 inch thick wooden boards, and is found underneath the decorative floor covering. Together with the joists, the subfloor forms the structural platform of the floor."
Removing carpet staples with a floor scraper
A floor scraper is also a useful tool for removing carpet staples from plywood and particle-wood floors. The blade of the scraper will shear off some staples and pull out others.

Instead of removing each staple individually with pliers or a screwdriver, using a scraper will make the task easier and less time-consuming, as you will be able to remove more than one staple at a time.

Hazard warning sign or symbol Be aware that using a scraper to remove carpet staples can sometimes damage the blade, so after use it’s likely to need replacing.

If you are planning to use your scraper for another task, make sure that you have an ample supply of replacement blades to hand.

  Wonkee Donkee says "Heavy duty scrapers are recommended for the removal of carpet staples. To learn about heavy duty scrapers, see Frequently Asked Questions: What can a Heavy Duty Scraper do that a Standard Scraper Can’t?"

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