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What else can a scraper be used for?

What are some other uses for scrapers?

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Work in the garden

pigeon, chicken, carrier pigeon When cleaning out a chicken coop or pigeon loft, a floor scraper is a useful tool for getting rid of caked-on manure.
edging lawn Instead of investing in an edging tool, if you’ve already got a floor scraper, you can use this to edge your lawn.
weeds between paving Floor scrapers are also good at loosening weeds that are growing between paving stones, making them easier to remove
scraping window frame Wall scrapers are effective at removing paint from doors and window frames.

Odd jobs in the kitchen

dirty oven Wall scrapers are very effective at removing baked-on grease from dirty ovens.

Apply a paste made up of bicarbonate of soda and water to the inside of your oven, leave it for an hour to work and then use a scraper to remove the paste.

After wiping with a damp cloth, your oven will be squeaky clean!

freezer Using a short-handled scraper to remove hard sections of ice from the bottom of a freezer can help to quicken the defrosting process.
scraping bbq Scrapers can also be used to tackle stubborn grease on barbeques.

Work on the roof

scraping felt roof Using a heavy-duty floor scraper with a heat gun is an effective way of removing felt that is glued rather than nailed down to a flat roof.

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