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What are scraper handles made of?


What are scraper handles made of?

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  Materials that scraper handles can be made from   The handles of scrapers come in different sizes and are made out of either metal (steel or aluminium), fibreglass or wood.  

Fibreglass handles



Fibreglass handles are very strong and durable.

  weather   Fibreglass will not rot and is not subject to weathering.


Unlike wood, it does not shrink or expand with variations in humidity.

  scraper   Fibreglass scrapers are also lighter than other types, and so are easier to use.   
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Scrapers with fibreglass handles are usually more expensive than those made from other materials. 


Steel handles

strong and durable


Like fibreglass scrapers, steel ones are very strong and durable.

  big mutt   Steel handles are weighted so that they are able to plow through more resilient materials with less effort.


As a result, scrapers with steel handles are most suitable for heavy-duty scraping tasks.

  weather   Steel handles, except stainless steel, need to be coated to protected against rust. They are not resistant to weather conditions such as rain or humidity.  
  corrosion resistant  

Steel is not corrosion resistant. Stainless Steel, on the other hand, is, and can be used in difficult working conditions.

Note that there are different grades of Stainless steel. The more expensive grades (eg 316L) are more resistant to corosion than the cheaper grades (eg 304).

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Steel is a very heavy material and a steel scraper may not be suitable for all users because of its weight.

  Wonkee Donkee weather. clouds, snow and sun with thermometer   Steel is a good conductor of heat.


Scrapers with steel handles can be uncomfortable to use if a working environment lacks climate control.


Wooden handles



Wood is very light compared to steel, making wooden scrapers easier and more comfortable to use.


However, since they are lighter, wooden handles are not as strong and so are not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. 

  wooden scraper   If properly maintained, wooden scrapers are durable and can last a long time.  
  wood glue   Wooden handles are easy to replace if they become worn or damaged.


They can also be repaired with wood glue if the damage is minor.

  not resistant to weathering   Wooden scrapers are subject to weathering, cracking and splitting, and they may rot in wet or damp conditions.  
  wooden handle vibrations   Scrapers with wooden handles can be uncomfortable to use as a result of vibrations and shocks that may result from intensive use.


This is particularly true of scrapers with long wooden handles. 

  wood   They are also more likely to fail after extended use since wood is not as durable as other materials.  

Aluminium handles

lightweight but strong


Aluminium scrapers are lightweight yet strong.


This means that they can be used effectively without the user suffering from fatigue.

  corrosion resistant   Aluminium is corrosion-resistant because of its protective oxide coating  
  aluminium scraper   Aluminium handles are good at absorbing shocks and vibrations, so the scraper can be used comfortably.  

Unlike steel, aluminium handles are resistant to rust.



Aluminium is an expensive material and so aluminium floor and wall scrapers tend to cost more than alternatives


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