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What are the parts of a scraper?

What are the parts of a scraper?

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scraper parts
A scraper has only two main components: the handle and the blade.

Scraper handle

Long handled floor scraper The handle is portion of the tool held by the user. Scraper handles can vary in length.

The main difference between floor and wall scrapers is the length of the handle.

wall scraper or paint scraper with replaceable blade Floor scrapers have longer handles, whilst wall scrapers have shorter ones.

Scraper blade

Replaceable scraper blades save you time by not having to sharpen them
The blade is the part that removes material from a wall or floor. Scraper blades also come in different lengths.

The length of the blade needed depends upon the scope of the job in hand. Generally speaking, the more material you wish to remove, the longer the blade required.

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