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How do you sharpen a scraper blade?

How to sharpen a scraper blade

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tools needed for sharpening scraper blades If replacement blades are not available for your scraper, you will need to manually sharpen its blade.

This can be done with a stone, mill file or flat file, a cleaning rag and a drop of machine oil.

remove blade

Step 1 – Remove blade

Remove the blade from your scraper.

secure blade in vice

Step 2 – Secure in vice

The safest way of sharpening your scraper blade is to secure it in a vice so  you don’t have to hold the blade in your hand.

filing sides of blade

Step 3 – Remove burr

Remove any burr that may be present with a file or stone.

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sharpening scraper blade

Step 4 – Sharpen

Run the file or stone down the length of, and at the same angle as, the blade, removing any dents or damage.  Do this for both sides of the blade.

Repeat this a number of times until you get a clean, sharp edge.

burnishing tool

Step 5 – Remove new burr

Sharpening the tool will have created a new burr. This should easily be removed with very light strokes of the file or stone. Be careful not to damage your sharp edge.

If neccessary, repeat the sharpening proceedures using an ever finer file or stone. The edge will get progressively sharper, creating an even finer burr each time.

cleaning rag

Step 6 – Oil blade

After sharpening, use an old cloth or rag to wipe some machine oil onto the blade.

insert blade

Step 7 – Replace blade

Insert the blade into the scraper.

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