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How does a scraper work?

How does a scraper work?

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Replaceable hooked scraper blade The hooked cutting edge of the blade ensures that the scraper removes unwanted material without marking the surface of the wall or floor.

WONKEE DONKEE says: "Scraper blades are designed so that they work effectively without damaging the surface of the floor."

Scraper blades are heat treated and tempered to increase toughness and decreased hardness In order to remove material efficiently, the steel blades are tempered which increases their toughness and decreases their hardness.
the floor should be harder than the scraper blade The surface being scraped is harder than, and so resistant to, the blade.

The stress is absorbed by the blade rather than the floor. This means that the blades will eventually become dull after use, and will need to be either replaced or sharpened.

The blade should be harder than the material to be removed The scraper blades work effectively because they are harder than the paint or glue they are designed to remove, and so can easily deform them.

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