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What is an ergonomic scraper?

What is an ergonomic scraper?

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ergonomics Ergonomics is the applied science of designing products that will maximise efficiency, whilst at the same time lessen user fatigue and discomfort. Ergonomic products are efficient in 4 ways:

  • They lessen the effort required to use the product
  • They are designed to be more comfortable to hold and use
  • They reduce the number of steps in a task so that it takes less time for the user to complete that task
  • They have fewer parts, making repairs and maintenance more straightforward
ergonomic tools Ergonomic tools lessen the effects that using non-ergonomic tools would have on your body.

Ergonomic scrapers

ergo scraper Ergonomic scrapers increase efficiency in a number of ways:
light Firstly, they are lighter than other scrapers so they may be used with just one hand. They are made of non-slip, non-conductive and compressible materials, so that they are more comfortable to use.
ergo scrapers Some have textured rubber handles which provide a good grip and reduce the effort needed to use the tool effectively. These handles ensure good grip even when the scraper is wet.
ergonomic scraper This particular scraper has a smaller blade which makes it useful for scraping small, difficult-to-reach areas. The black ball at the top of the handle allows for two-handed use, making the tool easier to use.

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