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Scraper Care and Maintenance

Scraper maintenance and care

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Cleaning your scraper

rags Scraper blades can be cleaned by carefully wiping off any paint, glue or grime with a damp cloth.

Storing your scraper

shed Like any other tool, it is important to store a scraper properly.

Although some scrapers with steel or fibreglass handles are designed to be resistant to weathering, they should still be kept inside a shed or garage away from moisture.

rusty blades If your scraper is left outside, the blade will be susceptible to rust.

After you have used your scraper, you should ensure that the blade is dry before putting it away.

inside shed Hanging a scraper by the handle on the wall of a shed or garage not only keeps it away from moisture which may be on the surface of the floor, but also prevents the blade from getting damaged.
cover blade with hose pipe Covering the blade with a piece of old hose pipe is an affordable way of protecting it.

You can do this by cutting the tubing to match the width of your scraper blade, then cutting a slit lengthways and placing it over the edge of the blade.

Using your scraper

nail When using your scraper, try not to run it over any jutting nails or anything else that could damage the blade.
thumbs up If you take good care of your scraper, it will last longer.

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