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What is a hand held deburring tool?

What is a hand-held deburring tool?

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A hand-held deburrer A hand-held deburring tool is designed to remove burrs from a workpiece.
Hand-held deburring tools can be used on many softer materials The deburring tool can be used on wood, non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, brass etc.), plastic, copper and nylon.
Hand-held deburring tool removing burrs on plastic hole. Hand-held deburring tools are generally used on soft materials to remove any small burrs and leave a slightly chamfered edge.
Hand-held deburring tool removes burrs from pipe work Hand-held deburring tools can be used to quickly and immediately deburr drilled holes and cut off ends of pipework. They do not require a machine or drill.
Six fluted deburring tool, this can also be called a countersink tool Hand held deburring tools can vary in design depending on the number of flutes they have.

The amount of flutes will affect the quality of the finish; the higher the number, the better the finish produced. For more information, see the section: What are the flutes?

 Many flutes make light work! The higher the number of flutes on the tool, the easier it will be to remove material.

What sizes are available?

The head diameter is the size of the deburrer Hand-held deburring tools are available in two sizes: 12.4mm (0.5″) and 25mm (1″).

These sizes refer to the diameter of the widest part of the head.

Hand-held deburring tool; sizes of hand-held deburring tool; hole too large for deburring tool The size of deburrer that you require will depend upon the size of the hole to be deburred.

As a general rule, if the hole is greater than 14.0mm then the larger deburring tool (25mm) should be purchased. If the tool is too small or large for the hole, it won’t be effective.

 Deburring tool bits with more than three flutes are categorised as countersinks. They are used in the same way as a hand-held deburring tool, but produce a neater finish.

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