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What are the flutes?

What are the flutes?

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The flutes carry material away Some designs of deburring tool have flutes, which perform the job of carrying freshly cut material away from the workpiece.
Flutes on a dill bit and countersink tool When looking at a tool, the flute is usually recognised as a single groove or series of grooves that twist around the shank.
Flutes run in an anti-clockwise direction The flutes on a deburring tool run in an anti-clockwise direction.
Cut material travels up the flute The waste material produced travels up the flute and away from the cutting edge.
Material is moved away from the cutting area When this waste material is removed, the cutting edge of the tool is able to cut more easily.

How many flutes do I need?

 3 Fluted tool tip on a hand-held deburring tool.

Three flutes

A three flute design is used for general machining of softer materials e.g. mild steel, wood, plastics and aluminium.

A 6 fluted de-burring tool tip

Six flutes

The six flute design is used for harder metals (such as stainless steels and tool steels). These are often referred to as countersinks.

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