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How to use a deburring cutter in a machine?

How to use a deburring cutter in a machine (e.g lathe, pillar drill)

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Clamp the work piece securely

Step 1 – Secure workpiece

Secure the workpiece in place e.g. by using a vice or machine clamps.

Cutting tool held in the chuck jaws

Step 2 – Place tool in chuck jaws

Place the cutting tool in the jaws of the chuck.

Tighten tool in chuck

Step 3 – Tighten chuck

Secure/tighten the tool bit in place.

Select cutting speed

Step 4 – Set speed

Set the required cutting speed.

For more information, see our section: What speed should a deburrer be used at?

   Ensure low cutting speed and feed rate for better results!
Position the cutter in the centre of the work piece

Step 5 – Place tip in hole

Position the deburring tool tip in the machined hole, with lubricant if required.

Begin machining

Step 6 – Begin deburring

Begin deburring, keeping the tool as straight as possible to ensure an even cut.

Direction of force applied Apply light pressure to the tool (either downward or horizontally depending on the machine set up), to ensure a neat chamfer is obtained.

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