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How to hold a deburring tool?

How to hold a deburring tool

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Hand-held deburrers

How do you hold a hand-held deburrer The best way to hold the deburrer is with a closed grip, like you would hold a tennis racket.
Hold the tool in a close grip, extending your index finger for control if needed. Extend your index finger if you feel the need for more control over the tool.
Hand-held deburring tool The hand-held deburrer has a fixed handle which provides the user with maximum control over the tool tip.

Deburring cutters

Deburring cutter in a 1/4" drive handle A deburring cutter can be held in a few different ways:


If needed, the deburring cutter can be used by hand as the hexagon shank will fit into a 1/4″ (6.35mm) drive handle. This allows for the deburring cutter to be used in the same way as a hand-held deburring tool.

Deburring tool held in a drill chuck

Drill chuck

A drill chuck can be tightened by hand or by key (chuck key) to ensure the jaws grip the deburring tool shank and hold it securely in place.

3 jaw machine chuck can be used to hold a deburring tool

Machine chuck

A machine chuck is used with specialist machinery such as pillar drills, lathes and jig borers. It holds deburring tools in place whilst they are used to deburr a workpiece.

Three of the jaws grip three out of the six tool sides The deburring cutter is held in the jaws of the chuck.
Showing three points on a hexagon shaft, where the jaws clamp the tool. The jaws of the chuck clamp down on three of the six sides on the shank of the cutter.
Mole grips are sometimes used to hold deburrers but this is not advised

Mole grips

Mole grips are a form of pliers – the jaws can be locked into position whilst the shank of the deburring cutter is gripped in the jaws.

Although this holding method is widely used, it is not recommended, as the shank of the deburring tool can sustain damage, which may affect the tool’s performance later on in its lifetime.

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