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How to use a hand held deburring tool?

How to use a hand-held deburring tool

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Take the tool in your preferred hand

Step 1 – Hold tool

To use the hand-held deburrer, take the tool in your preferred hand.

Secure the work piece

Step 2 – Secure workpiece

Either hold the workpiece in either your free hand, or position it on a bench with a vice or clamp.

If you don't hold or clamp your work you may end up chasing it around the table!
Centre the tool before you begin

Step 3 – Centre tool

Ensure the tool is centred as accurately as possible before you begin.

Apply downward pressure to the tool

Step 4 – Begin turning

Place the tool tip in the hole and begin to turn the tool in a clockwise direction, whilst applying some downward pressure to cut the chamfered edge.

This process should be repeated until the burrs are removed This action should be repeated until all the burrs are removed.

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