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What is a burr?

What is a burr?

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Burrs are created during machining e.g. during tuning metal in a lathe A burr is a rough edge or ridge, on a workpiece, which is created through means of machining or modification.
Burr produced when the tool cut the material Burrs are usually produced when the cutting tool enters or exits the surface of the workpiece.
Burrs are produced in different shapes and sizes Burrs come in many different forms, depending on the cutting process involved.
Plastic when machined can produce burrs Burrs can occur on many machined materials.

What do burrs look like?

The images below show burrs on different materials.

For more information, see our section: What are the types of burr?

Burr on plastic piping Plastic piping burr
A burr on copper pipe Copper piping burr
Drilled hole showing burrs Burrs on wood
A cut off burr on metal pipe Metal piping burr

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