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What is a deburring tool?

What is a deburring tool?

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Hand-held deburring tool and a deburring cutter A deburring tool is designed to remove sharp edges and burrs from drilled holes and pipework.Burrs and sharp edges can form on workpieces during manufacturing processes like drilling holes and it’s often beneficial to remove them. To find out why, see our page: Why do you need to remove burrs?

There are two types of deburring tools:

Deburring cutters

Deburrer cutter (also known as a zero fluted countersink) Deburring cutters are used in machines (e.g. pillar drills, lathes) and hand-held drills and are used to remove burrs from edges.
Deburring cutters, can also be called zero flute countersinks

Hand-held deburring tools

A hand-held deburring tool Hand-held deburring tools are designed to be used by hand to remove burrs from the edges of holes.
Deburring tools are avilable in different sizes, as applications needing to be deburred maybe of different sized holes Both tools usually come in one or two different sizes and are typically made from HSS (high speed steel).

Deburring tool applications

Deburring tools when used lightly to remove burrs will leave a chamfered edge on the hole. A deburring tool removes burrs from around the edge of a hole or entrance in a workpiece and creates a chamfered edgeFor more information on chamfers, see the section: What is a chamfer?
Before and after deburring picture, showing a rough edge on the first, smoothed out with a deburring tool on the after picture. Deburring tools are used to smooth out the rough edges produced during the manufacturing process.
Chatter marks can be removed and smoothed out using a deburring tool. A deburring tool can also be used to remove chatter marks from machining. See our section: What is chatter?
Aluminium, plastic, nylon, copper, brass and wood can all be deburred using these tools.

What materials can deburring tools be used on?

Deburring tools are designed to be used on plastic, nylon, copper, wood and many other non-metallic materials as well as mild steel, mild cast iron and aluminium.

HSS tool bits break easily when used on hardened metals If used on much harder materials (e.g. hardened steel), the deburring tool could chip or break, as the metal you are cutting will be harder than the tool.For information about deburring harder metals, see section: Wonkee Donkee’s top tips for deburring

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