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What is a chamfer on a deburring tool?

What is a chamfer?

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Chamfered edge When an item is deburred, a small amount of material is taken away, along with the burr. The small angled edge that is left is called a chamfer.
A chamfered edge is a 45 degree bevel on the outer edge of an item. A chamfer is a bevelled edge of 45 degrees, cut into the material using a chamfer tool bit or deburring tool.
Edge of the bar is machined down to a chamfered edge *** try and replace with my own image A chamfer can be used to smooth sharp or hazardous edges on a workpiece.
Tear burr, when the burr causes the material to break away Chamfering a workpiece prevents material from breaking or tearing away from the workpiece edge.
Chamfered edge created by de-burring When using a deburring tool, a chamfered edge usually occurs due to the cutting edge of the tool removing material from the edge of the hole.
The chamfered edge has less angle and less depth than a countersunk hole. If the tool is applied for too long with too much downward pressure, the result may be a hole with a greater angled edge. This is called a countersunk hole.

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