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What are deburring tools made of?

What are deburring tools made of?

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High speed steel

Deburring cutter Deburring tools are usually made from high speed steel (HSS).
HSS is a hardened steel, which cuts through metal faster thatn most other steel types It is called high speed steel because it is able to cut through materials faster than most other steel types.
Deburring tools are made from an alloy mix called M2 High speed steel is made up of a variety of alloy steels.

The alloy mix for deburring tools is given the code M2.

An alloy is a metal comprising of two or more elements, of which one is a metal. Because of the make up of an alloy, they are much harder than most metals in their purest form.

What is the alloy mix for M2?

The M2 alloy is made from steel, molybdenum and tungsten The alloy M2 is made up of the following elements:
Steel is an alloy of carbon, made up of various elements


Steel is an alloy of iron that is very strong, long lasting and shiny in appearance. Steel is made up of various elements.

The type of steel produced depends on which elements are combined.

Tungsten also known as Wolfram, is greyish white in colour and has the highest melting point of all the elements

Tungsten (W) also known as Wolfram

Tungsten is atomic no. 74. This element is a greyish white in colour and has the highest melting point of all the elements.

It is a hard, rare metal with excellent corrosion resistance and robustness, but is often very brittle. In Spanish, the name Tungsten means ‘heavy stone’.

Molybdenum is silvery-white in colour, and has the sixth highest melting point of all the elements.

Molybdenum (MO)

Molybdenum is atomic no. 42. This element is silvery-white in colour, and has the sixth highest melting point of all the elements. It forms hard, stable alloys.

M2 steel deburring cutter; wear resistance; abrasion resistance; heat resistance This combination of alloy M2 is used for its high heat, abrasion and wear resistance and cutting under high pressure.

These properties make it a suitable material for making deburring tools.

HSS chipped edge of a tool bit The downside to this particular type of HSS is its hardness, which can make the tool’s edges prone to chipping and breaking.

Cobalt and tungsten

Cobalt tipped countersink Some deburring tools have cobalt or tungsten hardened tips. These are designed for deburring hardened metals (e.g. stainless steel and tool steel)

Cobalt is more heat-resistant and is good for machining stainless steel and cast iron, whereas tungsten can be used with any material.

The disadvantage of both of these, however, is that they can become much more brittle and are more expensive.


The handle is made from hardened moulded plastic The handles are usually made from hardened moulded plastic. This particular plastic is called polycarbonate.
Polycarbonate makes the handle, strong and resistant to everyday wear and tear Polycarbonate is used for electrical items because it has a high resistance to heat and is flame retardant.

Polycarbonate provides a strong, hard coating and can withstand everyday knocks, bangs, drops and wear and tear.

Rubber strips on the handle for comfort and grip Some handles have small rubber strips in place down the body, to provide the user with grip and comfort.

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