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How to drill a hole through thick ice with an ice auger bit?

How to drill a hole through thick ice with an ice auger bit?

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A hole that has been drilled in thick ice with an ice auger attached to a powered driver Drilling holes through ice with an auger bit is similar in principle to drilling a hole through wood.
Image of an adaptor used to enable an ice auger to be powered by a cordless drill driver You will need to attach an ice auger adaptor to your drill driver, then connect your auger bit securely.
Image showing how an ice auger adaptor is attached to a cordless drill driver To attach your adaptor, follow the instructions that were provided with it. It should attach to the drill chuck (in the same way as a drill bit would), and the fabric loop  should run around the back of the tool, secured against the handle for extra support.

For more information on how to attach a drill bit to a drill chuck, see: Cordless Drill Drivers

Taking up a secure stance for drilling with an ice auger

Step 1 – Take up a secure stance

You will need to make sure you stand with your feet slightly apart so that you have a solid base. Lean slightly forward so that you can brace the drill driver against your body, but don’t lean on the auger.

A fisherperson who has ended up being dragged around by their ice auger The reason for this is that ice augers operate under a lot of torque, meaning that the drill driver will push back against you as the hole is drilled. If you are not securely braced, you could end up running laps around your auger bit, frantically trying to hold on to it while it sits in the ice, not doing very much!
Using an ice auger to drill through thick ice

Step 2 – Drill until you hit water

Activate your drill and allow it to do its work. You should not need to apply a lot of downward pressure.

The moment when an ice auger hits the water when drilling through solid ice You will know when the hole is complete when you hear a splash, as the auger bit hits water. Keep running your bit for a few more revolutions to make sure you have properly penetrated the ice.
Instruction to run the ice auger bit in reverse to sluice out icy slush before removing it from the bore hole

Step 3 – Sluice out ice shavings

While your auger bit is submerged, run it in reverse for a second or two before pulling it out of the bore hole. This will flush out any slush from the flighting underwater, rather than pulling it all back out onto the surface of the ice.

Ice fishing through a hole recently bored with an ice auger You are now ready to start fishing!
An ice fisherman near some exceptionally thick ice Remember that you should only be drilling through thick ice (around 400mm or 16″ at least) otherwise you and all of your expensive equipment could end up taking a very cold swim!

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